DeWitt Perry Middle School

Symphonic Band

April 15, 2004

Meyerson Symphony Center

Great job, kids! You should be very proud of yourselves! Here are the pictures! Please keep in mind that, from setup to out-the-door, we only had 30 minutes, so trying to set up the best lighting and doing all the exposure adjustments just wasn't an option. As a result, the organ pipes didn't show up as well as I would have liked. Next time, we'll do it right: two hours for prep, an hour for photos, and an hour for tear-down and load-out. (In my dreams!) But hey, the band looks (and sounded) great!

You can save these to your disk if you like. Many of these are suitable for making 4x6 prints. A few photos give you the option to download a "mid-resolution" file. This is because they were some of the largest files, and I wanted this page to load fairly quickly. Photos which do not provide this option are already the mid-resolution version. You should use, at least, the mid-resolution (not the low-res) file to print a 4x6. If you want high-resolution prints or large prints (up to 10x15), you can order them by calling or emailing me. To get the best picture quality even for 4x6, order them from me and I'll use my 15 MB TIF files to print them for you. Prices are shown below.

Note: Your monitor may be adjusted differently than mine, so the pictures might look too bright or too dark. If these images look fuzzy, it's because they're designed for relatively fast download time (but at 80 to 150K each, they're not exactly "small"!)

Dave Luepke (972) 416-5248.


Prices: 4x6: $3; 5x7: $8; 8x10: $12; 8x12: $15; 10x15: $22. You can pick them up from me, or I'll mail them to you. Add $4 for postage.

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