Photos of Switzerland!

Switzerland is one of the most beautiful and civilized countries on the planet. You really ought to go there sometime! I've spent over six months of my life in Switzerland, and if I can, I'll spend a lot more of it there!

Here are some pictures from my most recent trip. You can order high resolution reprints of any of these photos (and other photos) by contacting me at:

 Lac Leman Sunset on Lac Leman, from Montreux. France is on the left, Switzerland is on the right.
Chillon-Midi Chateau de Chillon, Steamboat, and
Dents du Midi
Chillon Dungeon Dungeon in the Chateau de Chillon. Can you find Lord Byron's name carved into a pillar?
Chillon Moat Chateau de Chillon
Flowers on Quai - 1 Flowers along the quai in Montreux
Flowers on Quai - 2 Flowers along the quai in Montreux
Lausanne Citi Window in the Citi Cathedral, Lausanne. Seriously, you'll drive around for 30 minutes trying to find a parking place. Just park in the Riponnes, and go have a good time.
A Nice Home A friend's home in France. He has been a leader in experimental contemporary music for over 30 years.
The large coniferous tree was planted when they bought the property.

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