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 Bellwald Bellwald im Goms, Valais. (Pronouced Bellvald IM Goms.) Need to relax a little? This is the place!
Road Going Down from Bellwald Road to/from Bellwald, on the way down
 View From Hotel Zur Alten Gasse, Bellwald View from my room at the Hotel Zur Alten-Gasse, Bellwald. The chef makes a great dinner!
 Nice Window in Bellwald Nice Window in Bellwald
 Nice Window in Morel Area Nice Window near Morel
 Bridge Near Morel Bridge near Morel
Bridge Above Brig Bridge above Brig, to Simplonpass
West of Sion Vineyards west of Sion. Most of the best Swiss wine is white. Mont d'Or, Provins Valais, and Gilliard are some of the best, although there are several others which are great!

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